Mistress Vixen

Age: Early 30’s

Height: 5’6

Hair: Natural Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Measurements: 37C – 31- 46

Since the dawn of history women have been dominating men and teaching them their natural proper place.

In this era, Mistress Vixen stands to teach you how to behave and honor Her, and all other women with proper respect.

She is a beautiful, shapely blonde in Her early thirties with keen skills in behavior modification. An expert in all forms of BDSM, Her experienced insight into each submissive lends Her to administer the proper discipline.

You will submit to Her authority and accept the corporal punishment that She deems necessary. Her spankings may be severe and administered publicly if She feels you need humiliation.

For some, a woman disciplining a man is simply sexual fantasy, but for Mistress Vixen it is the serious natural order of Her universe.

You will immediately show Her obedience and respect then take your place in the corner. You will then be placed over Her knee for a lengthy and appropriate spanking. But this marksthe beginning of your discipline. Mistress Vixen will assess you behavioral needs and give you the correction She feels is necessary.


~ by The Royal Women of Philadelphia on June 23, 2010.

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